Color Me Arq

Lily Glass (the queen) and I have wanted to shoot on some solid backgrounds for a while, and when we saw Arq’s new underwear collection for women & kids, we knew the opportunity was here. Abigail and Elle created Arq about 3 years ago. It was initially just a children’s brand that offered the sweetest vintage silhouettes - giving it a 60s/70s flair. Since then, they have ventured into soft basics for mom-and-me. The color palette is beyond beautiful, the fabric is oh-so soft, and they are dang comfy.

To make our ideas come to life, we brought on our friend Wilmarose Orlanes. She is an expert on all things set designing and prop styling, and she sure knows how to play with color (which is a territory I often stay away from). Wilmarose hung these painted canvases, color-matched to the undies, and they gave the set life.

Lily knocked it out of the park with the shots. We had… what? 2 hours to shoot this?

Nailed it.

Arq, Lucia Tran

Thanks to our beautiful models for making our concept come to life, including set designer Wilmarose who was forced to get in some undies after a model cancellation, and for Bread Lounge for being open early enough for us to caffeinate. Oh, and our favorite steep parking lot ramp that gives us the only exercise we do once a month. Our hamstrings still burn.