You're a producer now?


I initially wanted to be a witch. I was five and thought I could fly on a broomstick like Sabrina. “Listen, my teacher said that if you work really hard, you can make your dreams come true!” I failed to convince my family.

20 years later, I became a keeper of sanity, handler of budgets, booker of cast and crew, coordinator of sets, and most importantly: organizer of life’s mess.

But I had no intention of becoming a producer. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing. I started web development when I was a tween, then created a magazine during high school… ran that through college, and then became a publicist. The transitions were organic. I worked a lot. I worked hard.

Production was sort of full circle for me. I handled most productions for the magazine, and it was generally with celebrities (boy, that got old real fast). I often felt stinted in creativity because the options were more limited. But through my work in PR, I helped lead campaign shoots for each season and I was given the freedom to just make and it felt great.

Plus, logistics make me happy (spreadsheets are the greatest), and so a life in production it is.

My family dubs me as a delegator. Always telling people what to do without hesitation. At least they’re convinced I can be a producer. And hey, dreams did come true.

It took 5000 turns to get to where I am right now, and I for-see many more. So that’s how I got here (in a nutshell)… That means all aspiring Teenage Witches will become producers too. We should start a coven.